“Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles makes you feel better with every step.”

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Walking is the most convenient exercise to include in your daily routines. Achieving a goal of 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day can do wonders for your health. However, being on your feet all day can be painful. You can relieve the soreness with a great foot massage. Or the pain may be a symptom of a more serious illness.

Pain is your body’s way of communicating that there is something wrong and you should never ignore it. The feet, especially, is a sensitive part of the body. It contains important acupressure points and experiencing pain in different points could indicate specific health issues with other parts in your system.

You don’t have to live in pain. Use Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles, a safe and comfortable pair of soles that doubles a foot massager. It improves overall health and reduces stress hormones by massaging acupressure points on your feet. An affordable massager that keeps you relaxed and more energized with every step.


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A scientifically designed insole that massages the feet, boosts energy and relieve stress. Based on advanced knowledge of acupuncture and reflexology. It has 3 distinct parts with specific acupoint targets; the upper sole, the core soul and the lower sole. Contains a total of 800 acupoints including cooling magnets encased in smooth stones. Made with an air flow design that keeps your feet cool and dry. Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

benefits oF using euphoric Feet reflexology insoles

Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles reduce stress and tension


A foot massage with every step. Euphoric Feet Insoles gently puts pressure on key areas of the foot. Relieves tension, soreness, anxiety and reduces stress hormones. It increases your endurance and helps you balance your mind and body.

Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles improve blood circulation


Poor foot circulation is a serious condition experienced by most people. The symptoms vary from person to person but often include constant coldness in the feet, numbness in the extremities, cramping, soreness, even dry and cracked skin. Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles counters that with its 270 micro acupoints which puts gentle pressure on parts of the feet to improve blood circulation.

Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles boost overall health


It effectively boosts energy and physical performance. The core and lower sole specifically can improve posture, help maintain muscle and relieve discomfort in the digestive system for better weight loss results. Euphoric Feet boosts overall health and fights a myriad of foot problems such as blisters, calluses, bunions and even athlete’s foot.


Reflexology is the ancient practice of applying pressure to specific points in the feet, or acupoints which connects to other parts of the body such as the brain, intestines and spine. It’s meant not only to stimulate endorphins but to also relieve pain and stress. This practice is applied on the creation of Euphoric Feet Insoles which has a total of 800 acupressure stones meticulously designed to massage key areas on the feet. It can improve blood circulation, ease anxiety and improve overall health.

HOW to care for your euphoric feet insoles

Step 1:Use lukewarm water to clean Euphoric Feet Soles.
Step 2:Rub with dishwasher or any gentle liquid soap.
Step 3:Rinse with warm water.
Step 4:Wipe or air dry.
Step 5:Do not expose to direct sunlight.

relax. rejuvenize. reenergize.

Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles is basically a wearable foot massager which can relieve tension from the body and make exercises less strenuous Suitable for closed shoes and easily customizable for every foot size. The soles have a pre-marked guideline which you can follow to find the best fit for your size. Just measure and trim the edges off.

Extremely flexible and lightweight, Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles can fit into any shoes without slipping off. It’s comfortable to wear for any activities, whether it be a simple walk to a serious exercise regime. Besides feeling energized, you won’t even notice it’s there. The perfect companion for long stressful hours at work and a long walk at the park.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles can give you the footcare you deserve.

What are you waiting for? Start maximizing the effects of every step. Walk for a healthier life with Euphoric Feet Reflexology Insoles.


“I thought the small nodes would be annoying because it feels hard to the touch, but it feels great on my feet though. Not bothersome at all and I enjoy wearing it while I’m on a run. It doesn’t slide off either like other silicone shoes which is a huge bonus. 100% would recommend.”

Dina Abbot


“The euphoric insoles look weird and uncomfortable at first. I was supposed to throw it out because it wouldn’t fit into my shoes but then silly me realized I’m supposed to cut the excess. Now I’m very happy with it. It’s easy to clean and surprisingly relaxing to walk in.”

Mikaela Reyes


“It’s difficult to be constantly walking about especially for someone my age which is why I tried those expensive arthritic shoes to ease the strain of walking. Did little good though because my feet were still stored. Having euphoric feet insoles feels much better and it didn’t cost as much.”

Harry Shepherd


“Very easy to clean and extremely comfortable to wear. I could definitely feel a difference in my energy and I feel much more relaxed. I’m so impressed I ordered another pair for my husband and I. 100% would recommend.”

Geneva O’Hara



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  1. Montyne Anderson

    We received ours and are wondering which side goes, up, or if it matters? It seems to have to big of bumps to have the bumps go up. My husband says it really hurts his feet with the bumps up.


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